Window Covering Tips – Sweet dreams for your little ones.

As summer approaches and kids are out of school, mom’s everywhere are looking for ways to get a little more sleep in the morning.  There are many culprits to early rising children throughout the summer. Whether it is the sun rising before 6 AM or the increased temperatures, kids everywhere seem to rise earlier during the summer. Here are some helpful tips on things you can do to the windows now to get a little more sleep through the summer.


To minimize the effect of an early rising sun, I always recommend room darkening shades or blackout shades like the Carriann Kids Single Cell Blackout Shades  which come in a variety of cool designs and are manufactured only with the extremely popular child safe cordless lift option.  The fabric blocks out 98% of light from entering the room. This effect produces the ultimate in sleep environments. These shades are easy to operate and will allow you to raise them and filter the room with natural sunlight throughout the day.

To combat the rising temperatures I suggest using our ultimate blackout product, the Blackout Slumber Shades. These shades are available with the same child safe cordless lift system, but they provide the added feature of side tracks to reduce heat and light leaking in through the sides of the shade.  With multiple color choices this product is the top of the line sleep encouraging window covering available today.

I hope the information here is useful and I promise if you use these products sleep will not be a problem until school starts again in the fall. Getting kids out of bed and off to school is always a battle, but we’ll save that topic for later in the year.

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