Why it Works – Spring-Inspired Room Design

Little girl's room

Doesn’t this room seem like a lovely place to hang out? It has bright, vibrant colors, and take a look at all the details. Here’s why this room works:

1. The Plants

The potted plants on the top of that shelf are the perfect addition to this room. They bring in the spring vibe instantly. They actually breathe life into this room, and they make it seem fresh, modern, but also a bit whimsical.

2. The Fresh Colors

The combination of pinks, purples, and blues is quite lovely. It just reiterates the feel of spring, and it works well for any age – from toddler to teenager.

3.  The Little Details

Those simple cloud shapes add a bit of whimsy to this bedroom. Clouds on the wall are the next best thing to watching real clouds roll by in the sky.

4. The White Walls

Normally, all-white walls would look stark and cold, but it actually does the complete opposite. It offers great contrast with the colors they used. It’s almost like a blank canvas used just to show off the palette and decor.

What’s your favorite part about this room?

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