Teen Girl Bedroom – Why It Works

teen room

This room is the perfect space for a teenage girl, or maybe even a pre-teen girl. Actually, let me amend that once more. It would be great for a college student, too. It’s simple and chic. But here’s what really makes this room work:

The Window Coverings

That’s the first place my eye goes. The unlined bamboo shades add fantastic texture, and they’re the perfect pairing with the print of the curtains.

The Daybed

Even though this may not be a real daybed, the pillow positioning makes it look like one. There is something cozy about this space, and I think it all centers on the way the bed is situated and decorated.

The Color Palette

The neutral tones provide a great base, and the pops of color give it a fresh look and feel.

What do you love most about this bedroom?


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