Girl Ladybug, Flower, Grass Room Design

Is your toddler constantly in your hair, and needing your attention? Decorate her room! Seriously, my sister in law has been struggling a “I need you with me always” phase that her 2 year old daughter is going through. Parents of young kids, I know you have all gone through this at some point. Crying when you leave the room, attempts to pull you around by the hand everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, we parents love being needed, but this phase can get a little old when you have to make dinner, or do anything other than follow your toddler around.

Ladybug Flower Toddler girl room makeoverThis weekend I went over to my sister in law’s house and painted a cute grass, flowers, and butterflies mural on her wall. She is very pregnant and     will be delivering a new baby girl very soon. Before getting the nursery ready, she decided to redesign her toddler daughter’s room first. She wanted to make sure her little girl had her own special place that she didn’t have to share with the new baby. Painting was a lot of fun, even though I had to keep pushing the pregnant woman out of the room (too many fumes).

Toddler Girl Wall muralFirst, all the walls and ceiling were painted a light sky blue color. When that was dry, I painted green grass around the whole bottom of the wall, from the floor to about knee level, using varying heights and a few different shades of green for texture.




Girl Ladybug, Flower, Grass Room DesignWe decided to paint clouds on the ceiling so it really made her feel like she was outside. To save some painting time, we purchased some cute tree, flower, and ladybug decals from Target. I am glad we went this route, the colors were so bright and they really popped off the wall.



Anyway, the cool part is… since the room redesign, her little girl has been playing and playing in her new room, all by herself! And mom has had a needed rest. 🙂

I think it turned out pretty cute. What do you all think? Anyone else done this type of design differently? We are painting the nursery next, I am always open to new ideas.


  1. I love it, getting to decorate my baby’s room, she will be 2 in about a week and we are buying a new house so I really want to give a a big girls room without breaking the bank, really good idea. Thanks for the post.


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