Creating a Stage for Kids

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Most of the play stages in kids’ rooms have a few things in common. By paying attention to those common threads, you can easily create your own stage area for your children. Having a stage for your children helps to build confidence, creativity, and imagination. Ready to create your own? Here’s what you need.

A Corner

Dedicate a corner of the room to the stage. This gives you an easy way to build the stage because you already have the sides of the corner as stage walls. It can be as small or large as you want, but keeping the stage in the corner allows for open play areas in the rest of the room.

Fun Colors

Use fun colors in your stage design. After all, this is for kids, right? What better way to get them excited about the stage than by using fun, energetic colors? You don’t have to do bright, obnoxious colors if you don’t want to. Take a look at all these photos, and you’ll see the wide range of colors that work very well for a child’s stage.


What you need are curtains. They complete the look perfectly. This is where you could have a lot of fun. Go for a dramatic Old Hollywood look or something more modern and chic. The final look is up to you, and the right curtains will get you there.


Props aren’t essential to creating a stage, but they do help. Consider a microphone stand and dress-up clothing. Chances are your kids will never want to leave their bedrooms because they’re having so much fun!

Have you ever created a stage for your children? Tell us what you did and share some photos!

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