Cover Your Teenager’s Windows Pronto

teen's room

My 14 year old daughter wants a room makeover. Apparently, the painful 24 hour birthing extravaganza, having food to eat, a roof over her head, and clothing on her body are not enough. And, as she is looking over my shoulder right now, I have gotten it incorrect, she says. She doesn’t want  a room makeover…she NEEDS one.

Ok ok…she is a good kid. And she has been helping babysit her baby sister, and getting good grades. So, I say ok. The plan involves new paint, wall hangings, and most importantly, much needed new window coverings. The previous owners of our house had “interesting” taste. All of the blinds are various shades from the pastel side of the rainbow. Oh… I have been corrected again, rainbows do not have a pastel side. Anyway, let’s just say that the current window coverings are UGLY. They are beat up some, and I am afraid they do not offer her as much privacy as I would like my cute teenage girl to have. Not to mention the fact that her room is on the west side of the house, and in the afternoon, the sun heats up those aluminum blinds and makes the room stifling hot. So, new window coverings it is.

Let me start with the important facts. I am not a wealthy person, or super duper mechanically savvy. I know that if I go to Home Depot and pick out some new blinds or shades, I will get something wrong. Measurements, installation, and heaven forbid, choose something that doesn’t suit my teenager’s style. So, as I do before making any big purchases, I hop online to scope out my options. Looking up kid’s room blinds, I stumble upon these very cool Good Housekeeping Single Cell Shades from Select Blinds.

This gets a big thumbs up from my daughter, as she likes the design on them and wants to go for black and white accessories in her new room. Of course, her main concern is the “cuteness” factor. I am most concerned about price. Fortunately, it easily passes my under $100 budget. Then I read further to find that not only are these shades “fashionably acceptable” to my teenager, they are also energy efficient! Living in Phoenix means my cooling bill is nasty large in the summer, so I can jump on board with anything that promises me a lower bill.

I like that this site gives privacy ratings as well. These shades get a privacy rating of 5 out of 5. So hooray…I will no longer be contributing to the delinquency of the pre-pubescent neighbor boys with a peepshow from my daughters room. Wow, I really hope that wasn’t happening. 🙁  And she won’t be living in a tomb either, (or sleeping in till noon), these shades also let the light filter through some.

Looks like a win-win situation for me. Only, I have another concern. To get these shades, I have to purchase them from online, and they come custom cut. To be honest, I am not sure I am the best measurer in the world. My experience mainly involves failed baking attempts that do not need to be mentioned here. Also, once the shades get here, who is going to install them? My daughter has a wall shelf I put up on her wall that will need to be taken down soon. It is hanging precariously and threatening anyone that enters the room with stomping feet. This room gets a lot of that type of thing, so yes, I am not the best person at “installing” things.

Fortunately, Select Blinds has thought of these issues, and they have a great page on measuring my windows correctly , and a really easy to understand guide for mounting my new shade.  Nice! I order the shades. Big brownie points for mom…I will have to see how much I can milk this for in babysitting and housecleaning.  Yes people, I am “that kind” of mother!

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