Unique, Non-Traditional Ways to Use Panel Tracks in Your Kid’s Room

panel tracks

Panel tracks are the modern version of vertical blinds, and they have more uses than just as window coverings. And the great thing is that they’re perfect for your child’s room. Here are just some of the unique and non-traditional ways to use panel tracks:

To Separate Room Space

Do your children share a room? If they do, you can use panel tracks to give them separate space within the same room. Everyone needs their own space, and this is the perfect way to do it. Plus, the panel tracks can be pulled back whenever to open the room back up.

To Cover a Closet

No matter if your child’s closet is uncovered and missing doors or you just want a unique look, you can use panel tracks to cover a closet. It creates a streamlined look that adds some major visual interest.

To Create a Homework Area

Sometimes homework time can be full of distractions. Use panels tracks to create a study space or a homework area. This will help you child focus and stay on task.



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