Stylish Ways to Create More Storage


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Having a stylish room and enough storage can be a hard balance to find, especially for a child’s room. Even after you’ve sorted through their clothes, toys, or books, there is rarely enough room for everything, no matter how many boxes of things you donate. It’s a continuous struggle. But if you can creatively use the space you do have, you may find a break in that cycle. But remember, you don’t have to sacrifice style to have great storage options. Acquiring both is at your fingertips.

Add Shelves – Shelving can be an inexpensive, stylish option for any room. If your child has a lot of books and toys, consider hanging floor-to-wall shelves. It gives ample storage, and when organized, it can look fabulous! If you’d prefer to hide the shelving, add the shelves to the inside of the closet or even in a space that isn’t immediately seen upon entry, like behind the bedroom door.

Colorful Baskets or Buckets – Baskets are perfect for piling things in, without having to organize, and tucking it away. Pick fun, colorful baskets for added pops of color in the room. Put them on the shelves you just installed or even under the bed. If the baskets peek through, that’s perfect! It only adds to the style.

Decoupaged Boxes – If you are on a budget, you can choose a cheaper option to buying colorful baskets. Grab a few cardboard boxes and decoupage the outside with colorful fabric you have around or scrapbook paper. Being able to customize the look means you’re sure to have a unique space without breaking the bank.

Toy Chest – Get back to the traditional with a beautiful toy chest. You child will love it, but it has a lot of great storage capabilities. If you need a quick clean-up, planning to reorganize the toys later, a toy chest is the perfect solution. And if you come by a wood or antique-style toy chest, it adds even more style points to the room.

After all those additions and you still don’t have enough room for everything, it might be time to donate more items. Have your child help. This gives them the chance to be proactive and decisive about cleaning, reducing, and organizing, and at the end of the day, everyone will feel happy with donating.

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