Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

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Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean you have to forego storage space. You just need to know how to use the space you do have, even if it’s not immediately obvious. If you have children who share a bathroom, you know how out of control it can get with everyone’s toiletries and towels. Here are easy storage solutions that are perfect for the whole family.

1. Under the Sink

Make the most of your under-your-sink storage with shelves and baskets, making the most of your vertical space. No longer do awkward or odd sink spaces mean you can’t use them. Reclaim the space you do have with a little more organization and the right organizational items.

2. On the Wall

Don’t be afraid to hang baskets on the walls. These are perfect for towels, toilet paper, and toiletries. Each of your children could have their own basket, making getting ready even easier and even more organized. The great thing about the baskets pictured above is they’re removable, making it all convenient.

3. Hidden Compartment

If you don’t want your bathroom storage on display, use a hidden compartment that you can close and that your guests can ignore. Using a hidden compartment will keep your children’s bathroom clean, organized, and streamlined.

4. Around the Sink

Don’t forget about your space around the base of your sink. It may not be a traditional way to have storage, but it’s unused space, so why waste it? Plus, keeping your bathroom storage so low to the ground is great for children who want to be more independent.

5. Behind the Door

What better place for storage than the back of the door? It’s out of view until someone is in the bathroom, and it helps to keep things organized and tidy.

6. Above the Door

The space above the door is just wasted space. Why not use it for storing things you don’t use too often. Keep it out of the way with ease. And the best part is that your children won’t be able to get into it, keeping it looking cleaner longer.

7. Hang from the Ceiling

You have all that space on your bathroom ceiling, so why not use it? Hang baskets from the ceiling for great kid-friendly storage. They’re fun and you can keep adding baskets until you have enough space. Just make sure your children don’t hang or swing on them and you’ll be good to go.

Do you have a small bathroom? How do you find your storage space?

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