How to Create a Magical Hideaway

child room

No matter how old your children are, they would love a magical hideaway to call their own. In fact, any age would probably love one. Wouldn’t you?

Take a look at the adorable hideaway above. Using it as a guide, here are the things you need to create the most magical hideaway ever for your kids.

1. Some Type of Enclosure

An enclosure is what makes a space a hideaway. It creates the feeling of secrecy, privacy, and even solitude. It’s essential to making the space feel like it’s all on its own, almost like it’s in its own world.

2. Twinkle Lights

Add some sort of lights. That’s the easiest way to create an air of magic in the hideaway. See how they put the lights on the outside of the enclosure? This give is a far-off, dreamy look and feel.

3. Filled with Activities

Lastly, fill the hideaway with your children’s favorite activities, like a reading space, coloring or drawing table, or even a place for taking a nap.

Ready to tackle your own space? Game on!


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