Getting Your Child Involved: 3 Fun Decorating Decisions

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Decorating a room can be both exciting and tedious. It can be fun to pick out the colors and brainstorm ideas, but actually taping off baseboards and painting the wall is another story. Whether or not your child has been asking for a newly decorated room or you’re moving forward because you know it’s time, getting and keeping your child involved in the process can be even more taxing than painting the walls yourself. Getting your child involved can keep her excited about the changes, can give her a sense of accomplishment, and will create ample bonding time for the two of you. Here are three ways to entice your child into full redecorating participation:

Color Palette

Take your child to a hardware store and let her pick out the colors that interest her. Let her grab as many paint chips as she’d like. Once you get home, sort through the colors together and come up with a color palette. If you and your child need additional inspiration, search online or in magazines for ideas. This can be a great way to see a finished product, which should make it easier to visualize how your child’s room will look after the makeover.

Room Upgrades

Is your child transitioning into a new life stage? For example, if your child is starting elementary school, it might be time to consider upgrading the room’s features and main staples, like the bed, light fixtures, and blinds. If your child is into princesses, why not integrate a Disney Princess roller shade into the redecorating plan? Or maybe it’s time for your child’s bed to go from a twin to a queen as she nears the end of middle school or junior high.


Now that you’ve picked a color palette together and the bed has been upgraded, the next step is to let your child pick out the bedding. Depending on the age of the child, you can always pick out several options and let your child make the final decision out of those options. Remember, this isn’t about decorating the room according to your own vision, but it’s about giving her something to be excited about and something to be involved in, together. However, if you feel your child needs a bit more decorating direction, pick a solid colored bedspread and let her pick from an assortment of decorative pillows, which will add personality to the room.

Every room in your home, including your child’s bedroom, should be a reflection of its occupants. Giving up some of the decorating control can boost your child’s confidence and help her stay involved in the entire decorating process.

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