Encourage Reading with Your Home’s Decor

Photo Credit: FreeImages.com

Photo Credit: FreeImages.com

As a parent, you want your children to read more, but to also love reading. Just a few décor changes can help you get there. It doesn’t take much to inspire your children to sit down with a book and get lost in a good story. Here’s what you need:

Reading Artwork

One great way to get your children excited about reading is to hang reading-related artwork. It can be from their favorite book or just something fun that you always loved as a child. When they’re in their rooms playing, maybe they’ll see it and want to pick up a book.

Bookshelves for Children

Want your children to hang around their bookshelf more often? Then find a fun one made for children. Or, paint one you have a fun, vibrant color to attract their attention. The more fun you make it, the more likely they’ll use it.

Comfy Reading Area

Everyone needs a comfortable place to read, including children. You don’t have to have a devoted, built-in reading nook for your children to enjoy reading. Any old corner is fine. Just add some pillows or maybe some curtains. Need some ideas, read this blog post.

A Library Card

Now that you’ve inspired them to read, get them library cards! Just think: unlimited free books! The library is another great place for reading inspiration. They have story times and fun family events, so why not get involved?

Reading enthusiastically from an early age can help increase imagination and learning. And what better qualities than those for your children?

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