Decorating Tips for Your Child’s Bathroom

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Decorating a bathroom for your child should be fun and exciting, for both of you. It gives you the opportunity to create a child-safe and child-friendly environment, an environment that might get him excited about bath time or maybe even potty training. Children love spaces designed just for them, so why not give your child something else to be excited about? Here are some design tips to get you started:

Put Everything within Reach

Having sinks, towels, and mirrors out of reach can easily become frustrating for your child. Children want independence, and they want to do a lot of things themselves. Put the clean towels low so he can access them. Add stepstools to help him reach the sink. Even consider lowering bath towel and hand towel rods and hooks. Putting everything within reach can reduce the chance of injury because your child won’t have to climb on things to reach what he needs.

Add Extra Softness

Add soft or fuzzy towels and rugs for added comfort and warmth. This should also make bath time a little easier because your child knows he won’t freeze once he gets out. He’ll have a soft mat to stand on while you wrap soft, warm towels around him.

Incorporate Color and Fun Themes

You don’t have to paint the entire bathroom lime green, but adding colorful accents and patterns will go a long way in making a fun, unique space for your child. Identify your child’s current interests, whether it’s trains or animals, and incorporate that into the pattern and color theme. Don’t forget about adding color or pattern to the shower curtain, towels, and bath mats.

Get Your Child’s Input

Let your child help pick out some colors or even the bathroom’s theme. It’s a great, easy way to keep your child excited and involved in the process. Just a few simple decisions can make a world of difference for your child’s developing independence.

Make Child Safety a Priority

Switch out glass accents with plastic or other safe materials. Don’t place heavy things on the counters, as they can easily be pulled off and cause injury or damage. Opt for cordless blinds or shades so you can keep your child safe when you’re not with him in the bathroom. And you have a lot of style options to choose from.

If you’re worried about how quickly your child will grow out of his interests and favorite colors, keep everything neutral except the accents, towels, and the shower curtain. This will make the transition easier and less time consuming, but will still allow you to create one more awesome space for your child. And if you’re not worried, go bold!

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