Bedding of the Month – Pixel Bedding

This pixel bedding is great for both girls and boys. What do you think? Love it or hate it?

jan bedding 2

Perfect Throw Blankets for the Disney Lover

Winter is here, and it’s time to cozy up by the fire, space heater, or in the sunlight coming through the windows. And the perfect cuddling accessory? A throw blanket. If you’re a Disney lover or you know someone who is, you’re going to love these throws.

throw 1

throw 2

throw 3

throw 4

throw 5

throw 6

throw 7

throw 8

Which Disney throw is your favorite?

Pantone Color of the Year and Home Decor Items for Your Child’s Room

Looking for some design inspiration for your child’s room? Look no further than the 2017 Pantone color of the year: Greenery.


I’ve found the perfect pairing for your kid’s room, no matter their age. It’s fun and colorful. What do you think of this bedding and this window covering?

bedding 1


What do you think? Love it or hate it?

Fox Bedding – Love it or Hate it?

fox beddingWhat do you think of this fox bedding? Love it or hate it?

Favorite Kid Bedding of the Month – Sail Away Edition

This month, we love this bedding! It’s simple, chic, and timeless. It’s also a great gender-neutral option, can can be used for a large span of ages. What do you think? Do you love it or hate it?


Black and White Chevron Toddler Bedding

You can’t go wrong with a black and white color palette and a chevron pattern. And just imagine the cuteness when it’s on a toddler bed. Things are just so much cuter when they’re miniature, aren’t they? Take a look:


What do you think?

Adorable Decorative Shelving Ideas

Instead of focusing on the rug or wall paint when decorating your child’s room, think a little higher up – decorative shelving. A basic shelf will work fine. The beauty of the decorative shelf isn’t about the shelf itself. It’s about how you arrange the items on the shelf. That’s what makes all the difference. Take a look at some of these shelves for inspiration:

Kids shelf

Shelves with toys in child room close-up

Shelves with stationery in child room close-up

Shelves with toys in child room close-up

Which shelf is your favorite? Or do you have a beautiful decorative shelf of your own to share with us?


Cordless Window Covering Designs for Your Children

Have you heard that is now 100%? That means every single product they sell is 100% safe for children, no exceptions. So, with that in mind, here are some cordless designs that your children – and you – will love. All these window coverings are available at

cordless kids 1

cordless kids 2

cordless kids 3

Which one is your favorite?


Favorite Kid Bedding of the Month – For Boys


Look at this adorable toddler boy bedding. I know quite a few little guys who would love bedding like this! What do you think of it?tire bedding

Varsity Bedding Collection for Your Teen

The Varsity Collection from is the perfect balance between sports team loyalty and style. No matter which team your teen likes, has you and your teen’s bed covered. Here are some of our favorite options. What do you think of these?

Maroon & Gold

varsity 1

Green & Yellow

varsity 2

Light Blue & White

varsity 3
Garnet & Black

varsity 4

Crimson & Blue

varsity 5

Red & Black

varsity 6