3 Essential Room Items for the Toy Story Fan


If your child loves Disney’s Toy Story, imagine how ecstatic he would be having a Toy-Story themed bedroom. All you need is a few carefully selected accessories to make the theme clear, and you’d have one very happy child. Instead of searching for these accessories yourself, here’s a quick list of the three essential items for any Toy Story fan:

Roller Shade – No matter if your child likes Buzz Lightyear, Woody, or Jessie, there is a Toy Story window shade for the most popular characters. One of the best parts about these window shades is that they’re cordless, making them ideal for a child’s room. Not only are they child-safe, but they’re vibrant and fun. If your child has problems sleeping at night or napping during the day, you can even choose a blackout option.

Toddler Bed – Many large retailers sell Toy Story beds, and the Buzz Lightyear spaceship bed is popular, and it might make bedtimes a little easier. It’s low to the ground and has rounded, smooth edges, which is perfect for a younger child. Many similar stores sell similar Toy Story beds, so if you can’t decide, let your child help with the decision-making process.

Wall Decal – One of the easiest ways to make a big impression in a child’s room is using a wall decal. A simple internet search will bring up many decal retailers offering Toy Story products, decals that feature the entire Toy Story gang or your child’s favorite character. It makes decorating easy because all you have to do is stick it to the wall and you’re done. And wouldn’t your child love having a bigger-than-life decal of Buzz Lightyear next to his bed?

Toy Story was an instant classic, as it’s still as popular as it was twenty years ago when the first film was released. Perhaps that means you’ll be able to use all the Toy Story room décor for many years to come.

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