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deco-dot-bedding-set-by-jojo-designs-asis-16767Decorate4Kids is a blog dedicated to kid-worthy design ideas. A child’s space should reflect their interests and personality, while still matching the rest of the home’s design aesthetic. That doesn’t mean a child’s room should be boring.

You also don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a dream-come-true bedroom for your child. You just need the initial idea and the inspiration that comes along with it. We cover everything from the best child-safe décor items to stylish storage options. Your child’s room might only need one small upgrade to make a huge impact, or maybe the room needs a complete overhaul. Whatever it is, we have the design information and inspiration for you.

Our main decorating categories cover:

Want to be featured on our blog? We’re always looking for new post ideas and DIY projects to feature. Just let us know about your DIY project details. We’ve all been inspired by someone else’s creativity, and now it’s time for everyone else to be inspired by your decorating projects.

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